Ordinance and History


The LID Ordinance and Handbook were prepared by LA Sanitation through a series of stakeholder driven workshops.

In November 2011, the City of Los Angeles adopted the Stormwater LID Ordinance (Ordinance #181899, updated September 2015 (Ordinance #183833) with the stated purpose of:
  • Requiring the use of LID standards and practices in future developments and redevelopments to encourage the beneficial use of rainwater and urban runoff;
  • Reducing stormwater/urban runoff while improving water quality;
  • Promoting rainwater harvesting;
  • Reducing offsite runoff and providing increased groundwater recharge;
  • Reducing erosion and hydrologic impacts downstream; and
  • Enhancing the recreational and aesthetic values in our communities.

The recently adopted NPDES Permit, issued by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board or RWQCB), adopted Order No. RA-2012-0175 the NPDES Stormwater Permit (Permit) for the County of Los Angeles and cities within (NPDES No. CAS004001) also adopts LID principals and requires development and redevelopment projects to incorporate similar requirements as those outlined in the City’s LID Ordinance.

The Stormwater LID Ordinance requires LID measures be incorporated into the design of all development and redevelopment projects that have a land disturbance activity and add, create or replace 500 square feet or more of impervious area.