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Business Owners/Managers

Until now, nearly 80,000 businesses and multifamily buildings have received waste collection services from unregulated private haulers, but most are not provided with the same recycling services single family homes enjoy.  recycLA is now making recycling available to everyone!

The program divides the City into eleven zones.  All commercial and industrial businesses in the City of Los Angeles, as well as large multifamily buildings, will be served exclusively by one waste collection company, also known as a franchise service provider (FSP). This will result in fewer trucks congesting our neighborhoods and less wear and tear on our streets. The FSPs will also be required to use only clean-fuel burning trucks, which will help to improve our air quality.

The FSPs will provide efficient collection and processing of solid resources to all commercial, industrial, and large multifamily customers located inside the City of Los Angeles, including but not limited to:

  • Retail establishments
  • Entertainment venues
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Transportation services
  • Wholesale operations
  • Manufacturing establishments
  • Industrial facilities
  • Multi-family dwellings (apartments), that are not serviced by LASAN
recycLA offers an expansion of standard services designed to best fit the overall needs of business and large multifamily customers. Many of these services have not previously been provided to these customers, such as blue bins for recycling, new trash bins, the regular maintenance and replacement of bins, graffiti removal, new clean-fuel state-of-the-art waste collection vehicles, and organics recycling.

After a competitive and open bidding process that took into consideration environmental record, experience, financial resources, price, procurement and contract or agreement disputes, references, work plan, and viable ability to achieve the City’s goals, the following seven FSPs were awarded contracts (listed alphabetically)
Franchise Service Provider (FSP) recycLA Zones
Athens Services West L.A., North Central, and Harbor              
CALMET Services Inc. East Downtown
NASA Disposal Services Inc Downtown
Republic Northest Valley and South LA
Universal Waste Systems Inc. Northeast
WARE Disposal Southeast
Waste Management West Valley and Southeast LA


recycLA provides uniform and transparent monthly rates for multi-family and commercial customers throughout the City of Los Angeles. Your recycLA Service Provider will conduct a waste assessment of your property and work with you to determine your optimal level of service for the lowest possible cost. The 2017 Rate Table will assist you in understanding how the monthly rate for your service level is calculated. The rate scenarios that follow also demonstrate how rates are calculated and how you may be able to reduce your costs through increased recycling.

View the 2017 Rate Table here.

Rate Scenarios:

If you have one (1), 3 cubic yard Black Bin and one (1), 3 cubic yard Blue Bin that are both serviced (collected/emptied) once per week, what is your monthly service rate?
$216.72 (Base rate–1/week)

If you have two (2), 3 cubic yard Black Bins that are serviced twice per week, what is your monthly service rate?
$406.42 (Base rate-2/week) + $250.93 (Additional Black Bin-2/week) = $657.35

How can you potentially reduce your monthly service rate?
Convert one of the Black Bins to Blue Bin service.
$406.42 (Base rate-2/week)

Retain the two Black Bins, add two Blue Bins and reduce service frequency for all bins to once per week.
$216.72 (Base rate-1/week) + $133.76 (Additional Black Bin-1/week) = $350.48

Food Rescue
You can reduce your solid waste service needs – and potentially your costs - by participating recycLA’s food rescue program. Donating your surplus food will not only reduce the amount of food that is disposed in landfills, but will also provide food to residents who suffer from food insecurity. All recycLA Service Providers are required to partner with a food rescue organization that can coordinate the collection of your food donations. Contact your FSP to begin participating.

Roll Off and Compactor Service
recycLA offers both permanent and temporary Roll Off and Compactor services. Either or both could be the perfect solution if you anticipate generating large quantities of recyclable materials that will exceed your current capacity. There is a nominal fee for the delivery and collection of the bin, but there is no “per ton” charge for your recyclables.

Multi-Family Properties

If you own or manage a multi-family residence currently participating in the City’s MultiFamily Residential Recycling Program (MFRP), you may be able to keep these recycling services at no additional cost. Contact your FSP to learn more.

Additional services are also available. Learn more about extra services and additional fees/charges.


recycLA allows the City to engage selected waste haulers through a recycLA agreement by which they are held accountable for a set of environmental, community, customer service, and rate standards. Under these recycLA agreements, recycLA waste hauler requirements will include
  • Clean fuel low emission vehicles;
  • Efficient truck routing;
  • Enhanced recycling opportunities;
  • Improved accountability and customer service;
  • Transparent and predictable rates;
  • Reporting requirements; and
  • Other environmental protections.
recycLA customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Universal access to recycling services
  • Availability of organics collection and recycling services
  • Compliance with environmental mandates
  • Accountability and high quality of service
  • Annual bin cleaning
  • Graffiti removal for containers


The roll-out of recycLA began on July 1, 2017. LASAN has worked with the FSPs to prepare a detailed “roll-out/customer transition phase” schedule for the transition of customers into recycLA. The 11 recycLA zones have been broken down into smaller subzones. Based on each transition subzone, the FSPs will contact business owners and managers, conduct on-site assessments for each customer to determine the level of service needed, deliver bins, and begin service.

The FSPs will also provide each customer with a Welcome Packet containing detailed information about services, rates, and training. Based on a commercial customer’s service location address, a customer will know what zone/transition area they belong to, which month they will be contacted by their service provider for an on-site assessment, and when their service provider will begin service.

New services set-up steps:

  • Upon contacting the LA Sanitation’s 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489, your FSP for your service zone will contact you to arrange for a site visit/waste assessment.
  • Your service provider will perform a waste assessment and to assign the correct size of each Black (trash), Blue (recycling), and Green (organics) Bin to your specific needs and to help you recycle as much material as possible.
  • A specific service agreement will be created for your approval.
  • You will be billed monthly.
  • Rates for basic and special services will not be higher than what is listed in the contract for each service zone.
  • All costs will be transparent and predictable, allowing customers to be certain they are getting what they pay for.
Existing permitted non-recycLA haulers were permitted to continue to service their existing commercial customers until August 1, 2017. Your new service provider will provide service, at your current level of service, until you are fully transitioned into the new system, in accordance with the City-approved Customer Transition Schedule.

Click here for the recycLA Transition Map and Schedule or call LA Sanitation’s 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 to identify your FSP and transition schedule.

recycLA staff is available to give group presentations to industry associations, communities, and membership organizations.  Please call our Public Affairs Office at 213-978-0333 to schedule a one-hour presentation with Q&A.


  • RecycLA does not include customers currently receiving waste and recycling services from LASAN.
  • recycLA does not apply to C&D waste generated by a construction or remodeling project. The owner or contractor must utilize a construction and demolition waste hauler that is permitted to operate in the City of Los Angeles.


LA Sanitation will monitor FSPs for compliance with the service standards prescribed by the recycLA agreement and will ensure that all customers receive quality service. FSPs that fail to meet the standards may be fined, and in the worst case scenario, have their recycLA agreement terminated by the City. Customers are encouraged to call LA Sanitation’s 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 with any questions or service concerns. Billing questions are handled directly by the FSPs.


You can request materials from your FSPs that can be used to educate your employees and tenants about proper recycling techniques.  Additionally, you can visit the recycling page of our LA Sanitation website for basic recycling information.


Below are some helpful recycLA documents in multiple languages.

Spanish Language Materials

Korean Materials

Chinese Materials

Armenian Materials