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Congratulations to our new and past businesses for completing all the sustainability measures!

  • OFFICE/RETAIL CHECKLIST - Recently recertified under this updated checklist: Edward Jones - Mark Fishlowitz, Financial Advisor
  • RESTAURANT CHECKLIST - Recently recertified under this updated checklist: Yoga-urt 
  • GROCERY STORE CHECKLIST - First time this checklist was used in the City of LA. Recently certified under this checklist: re_grocery  

Office Waste Reduction Tips

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 Waste Reductions Tips2
Office Waste Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: The Green Business Program is free. We do not charge for our services, advice, or resources. We’re happy to help you through the certification process with advice tailored specifically to your business.

Q: This seems like a lot of work. How will I ever remember all this?

A: We will create a personalized follow-up report with all your information, clearly outlining the measures that need to be met. That report will be sent to you and our staff can discuss it with you when you’re ready.

Q: My business is struggling due to COVID. How am I supposed to meet all the measures?

A: There are some incentives available to help you make eco-friendly changes in your business that can make a positive difference! For example, the CA Green Business Network acquired funding through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to offer a rebate up to $500 for eligible purchases that are needed to help meet the sustainability measures. It’s first come, first served, so don’t delay! Additionally, as we learn about small business grants and other resources, we will gladly share all of that information with you.

Q: I’m not comfortable with you coming to my place of work.

A: That’s understandable in these unprecedented times. That’s why we are managing the entire audit process virtually, which means you can feel completely at ease providing a tour of your facility from the comfort of your mobile device. We will take screenshots of all qualifying items: faucets, recycling bins, cleaning products, and even lighting. With the assistance of our GreenBiz Tracker database, you can easily check your progress on meeting the measures to become a certified green business.

Q: I care about the Earth, but what’s really in it for me?

A: We all want to do our part, but understand that businesses need something, too! While the City of Los Angeles typically does not endorse any entity, we have made the commitment to announce any business that has completed the Green Business Program on LA Sanitation and Environment's social media accounts. Your business will be one of the distinct establishments fortunate enough to be touted as a recognized Green Business within the City of Los Angeles. In addition, your business will join an exceptional group of other green businesses that work together to support each other and the environment. Everyone searching for a green business will see your name listed on the CA Green Business Directory. You’ll also receive a certificate signed by the City of Los Angeles Mayor and LASAN’s Director and General Manager, as well as a window cling to place on your window or door. You’ll have access to free environmental consulting to help reduce your business’s environmental impact, a promotional toolkit, and other free benefits.

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