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The One Water LA 2040 Plan is completed in 2018, but there will be plenty of opportunities to be involved.


If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder for One Water LA, please click here. The information you provide will only be used for City of Los Angeles correspondence that directly relates to One Water LA.

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Conserve Water

Consumption of water can be up to 70% of all potable water used. By adhering to your water agency's recommended watering schedule, a significant amount of water is saved. Converting to more drought tolerant plants and grasses is an important step in decreasing the amount of water used outside.

For more information about conservation rebates, please click here.

Cash In Your Lawn

In place of thirsty and high maintenance turf, put in California Friendly plants and mulch, and permeable pathways to save money while conserving water.

For more information on the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s “California Friendly Landscape Incentive Program”, click here.

Rain Barrels

Save water by collecting and reusing rainwater from gutters and downspouts to water your lawns and gardens. Rain barrels help minimize the amount of water flowing into your storm drains and local water ways. For more information on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Rain Barrel Program, click here

Help Stop Pollution

Simple housekeeping practices could help keep toxins like motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides or paints out of our local rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches.

For more information on how you can help stop pollution, click here.

Protect the City's Sewer System

Fats, oils and grease often stick to the insides of sewer pipes when washed into kitchen plumbing systems. Fats, oils and grease can block pipes, create backups and cause sewer overflows on private property and streets.
For information on how you can protect the City’s Wastewater Collection System, click here.

Graywater Systems

Graywater systems collect water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines to irrigate your landscape. To obtain more information on graywater systems within the City of Los Angeles, click here or visit

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