Your Home Deserves A Summer Vacay, Too!
Your Home Deserves A Summer Vacay, Too! Image

Suitcases packed? Check!

Travel plans confirmed? Check!

Family super excited about going on vacation? Check and check!

Home prepped and ready for its own vacay? Umm…


A lot of Angelenos are traveling this summer – a quick weekend camping trip, a cross-country journey to visit relatives, a vacation abroad.  Have you thought about giving your home a summer vacay as well? These tips will give your home some well-deserved time off:

  • Check for dripping faucets. Before locking your front door, make one last check of your home’s indoor faucets and outside spigots to make sure they’re turned off correctly. A fast-dripping faucet can waste up to 11 gallons of water a day. With California facing water restrictions, we need to conserve every drop.
  • Turn off the air conditioning while you’re away. There’s no need to cool an empty house.
  • Place lights on timers instead of keeping them on 24/7 while you’re gone. This will create the illusion of someone being home and save money on your electrical bill.
  • Slay your home’s power vampires while you’re away. A “power vampire” is an electrical device that uses power even when they’re turned off (e.g. coffee makers or video game consoles). Unplug them completely when you’re on vacation, and you’ll stop them from sucking up power.

There’s no reason why your home can’t enjoy its own vacation while you’re away. And, you’ll enjoy your trip even more knowing that you’re saving water, energy and money on your utility bills!


Any questions about getting your home ready for its summer vacay? Have eco-tips or tricks that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you at

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