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Turning Holiday Waste into Resources! 
Turning Holiday Waste into Resources!  Image

We know it’s too early to start thinking about when to take down your Christmas tree, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell you about LA Sanitation’s curbside collection for Christmas trees a little ahead of time! LA Sanitation makes it super easy for Angelenos to recycle their Christmas trees.

Here’s a checklist of things to do before taking it outside:

Recycle your Christmas tree in the Green Bin. But first: 

  1. REMOVE all ornaments, decorations, tinsels and take the tree out of its stand.
  2. CUT the tree into pieces.
  3. PLACE the tree pieces inside the green bin for regular pick-up on collection day.

If your tree is too big to cut and place inside the green waste bin, simply place the tree next to your green waste bin on collection day. 

Please remember that flocked trees and artificial trees cannot be recycled. Please place them in your black container to go to the landfill.

Choosing your Tree

We understand that not everyone chooses to put up a real tree over the holidays and that it can be hard to decide which type of tree to get. This article has a lot of great options for those of us on the fence, including artificial and potted trees. The big question that usually comes up is which option is the most sustainable. There are different pros and cons with each option, but no matter what you end up choosing, remember to consider these two things:

  1. Where you buy the tree. 
  2. How you are going to dispose of the tree after the holidays. 

Going with a real tree isn’t as environmentally unfriendly as you might think because the tree can be composted and made into mulch. In fact, the Christmas trees picked up from LA Sanitation’s curbside collection program are turned into compost and mulch that is available to Los Angeles residents for free.  

Recycling your Other Decorations

Christmas trees aren’t the only thing that can be recycled this holiday season. In fact, holiday wrapping paper, cartons, cardboard, some styrofoam, and other expanded polystyrene products such as plastics and gift boxes are also recyclable. These can be placed in the blue bin to be picked up. 

Just be sure to keep your household hazardous waste, electronics, batteries, chemicals, medications (and more!) out of your garage and recycling bins. It is illegal to place these in the collection bins. Instead, you can take those items to one of seven S.A.F.E. Centers for safe disposal and recycling. 

So, whenever you decide to take down your trees and decorations (even if that’s not until 2020… we won’t judge), just be sure to join LA Sanitation in keeping our city clean by properly disposing of these items!

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