To Mother Earth With Love
To Mother Earth With Love Image

With love and relationships taking center stage this month, we’re highlighting a few relationships that will make Mother Earth smile. 


Celebrate A Long-Term Relationship! How long have you been recycling? Cleaning up after your dog? Disposing of your leftover pesticides, paints and used motor oil? Using canvas bags when you go grocery shopping? LA’s local rivers, creeks and beaches thank you for doing the right thing to create a sustainable future for our beautiful city.


Get Out of A Toxic Relationship! Many of us have a toxic relationship with household hazardous waste. We just don’t know when to give the boot to unwanted paint, pesticides, or used motor oil! Those pesky toxins have a way of hanging out in the dark corner of a garage for years. The good news is that this is one toxic relationship that’s easy to get out of! Many automotive stores recycle used motor oil and filters and all unwanted household hazardous waste can be safely disposed of at a LA Sanitation SAFE Center.


Explore A New Relationship! Did you know that the City of Los Angeles has a new curbside organics recycling program called OrganicsLA? Mandated by SB 1383, this statewide mandate aims at keeping organic waste out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Effective immediately, residents serviced by LASAN are required to place food scraps and food-soiled paper, along with yard waste, in their green bin for pickup and are eligible to receive a free kitchen pail. Learn more by visiting OrganicsLA!


So, what’s your relationship status? Whether you’re celebrating a long term relationship, getting out of a toxic one or taking a chance on a new adventure this Valentine’s Day, these are all opportunities to positively impact one relationship that will never go away – your bond with our planet. So, this February 14 go show Mother Earth some love!


So, how do you plan on showing Mother Earth some love this February? Let us know by emailing us at and we’ll highlight your environmental love on our social media channels and send you a “Discover Your Watershed Moment” swag bag.


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