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Tips for Weathering the Storm
Tips for Weathering the Storm Image

Another rainy season is fast approaching and now is the time to prepare your home and neighborhood for wet weather ahead. LA Sanitation is prepping the city at large for when those storm clouds start to form by cleaning out catch basins and debris basins and ensuring that staff and equipment are ready to respond to emergencies. Here are a few tips for before, during and after a storm to ensure that your home and neighborhood are ready for when the raindrops start to fall:


Before the Storm 

  • Sign up for emergency alerts from the City of Los Angeles
  • Clean leaves and debris from your home’s roof gutters and downspouts
  • Remove trash and litter from the gutter or street in front of your home or business
  • Use plastic sheeting to cover any steep, barren slopes on your property that could become unstable during rain
  • Create an emergency preparedness kit
  • Secure black, blue and green bins and light-weight objects in your yard
  • Locate the nearest fire station that has free sand and sandbags.

During the Storm

  • Turn off sprinklers and conserve water to reduce water flows in our sanitary sewers
  • Monitor the news for information about weather conditions, flooding in your area and safety advisories
  • Avoid major waterways like the LA River or Ballona Creek
  • Stay away from flooded streets and downed power lines
  • Report clogged catch basins, flooded streets by calling (800) 974-9794
  • Report downed power lines by calling LADWP at (800) DIAL-DWP (800-342-5397) 

After the Storm

  • Keep out of the ocean for 72 hours
  • Clean up fallen branches and debris
  • Empty open containers of stagnant water to stop mosquitoes from breeding

Visit our Wet Weather Preparedness page for even more tips on weathering the storm.

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