Reading Green: How to Teach Children About the Environment
Reading Green: How to Teach Children About the Environment Image

Books are a perfect opportunity to introduce your child to environmental topics. Want to ensure the eco-reading time with your child is impactful? Here are five tips to enhance your child’s reading comprehension:


  1. If the weather allows, read outside! There’s nothing like learning about nature in nature!
  2. Cater toward the environmental topics your child is most interested in, but remember to explore different concepts to ensure a well-rounded understanding.
  3. Practice problem-solving
    • Ask your child questions about the environmental problems discussed in the book
      • What issue did the character face?
      • How did the character solve the problem?
    •  Allow your child to apply these learnings to their daily lives
      • What environmental problems have you noticed at school or in our neighborhood?
      • What can we do to help solve these issues?
  4.  Try asking your child cause and effect questions
    • When it rains, where does the water go?
    • What happens to a forest when the trees are cut?
  5. Emphasize that small actions can make a big difference. Like repurposing empty containers for an art project, turning off the light and other electronics when not in use, or riding bikes or walking whenever possible


It’s never too early to learn about nature and climate change. If you’re having difficulty talking about these complex issues with your child, pick up a book and let it do the talking!


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