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Get Involved with LA’s Newest Environmental Initiative: the Safe Clean Water Program
Get Involved with LA’s Newest Environmental Initiative: the Safe Clean Water Program Image

Made possible with the passage of Measure W by LA County voters in 2018, the Safe Clean Water Program (or SCWP) creates a comprehensive, regional plan to address how we capture stormwater and reduce our region’s reliance on imported water. It is a two-pronged program that offers annual funding for both large-scale regional projects and smaller municipal-based projects.  All projects must include nature-based solutions, which help to achieve the multi-beneficial goals of capturing, cleaning, and storing stormwater. This stored stormwater can then either be used to offset potable water demands or infiltrated back into underground aquifers. These projects must also provide community enhancements such as the rehabilitation of public parks, streets, alleys, and/or trails.

Community engagement is a vital component of the Safe Clean Water Program, and we value your involvement and input as we build this program. Here are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Sign-Up to Receive the Program’s E-newsletter: The City of Los Angeles will be launching its quarterly Safe Clean Water Program e-newsletter this summer. We invite you to be on the list of subscribers who receive our inaugural issue. 

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  1. Attend Watershed Advisory Steering Committee Meetings:  Los Angeles County’s Regional Oversight Committee, Scoring Committee, and all nine Watershed Advisory Steering Committees hold online public meetings. We encourage your participation.
  1. E-mail us: Do you have questions about the Safe Clean Water Program? We’ve got answers! Feel free to e-mail us your questions at san.safecleanwater@lacity.org.


This is an exciting opportunity for Los Angeles as we embark on this new, important environmental program. We look forward to partnering with you as, together, we create a more sustainable water future for all Angelenos.

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