Dig Up Free Gardening Resources
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Whether you’re a master gardener or a bit green when it comes to planting and harvesting fruits and veggies, free resources are always welcome. Read on for a list of free gardening resources available for city of Los Angeles residents:


Free Smart Gardening In-Person Workshops – LA County Public Works offers free smart gardening workshops for both beginners and more advanced gardeners. These workshops offer tips on how to improve your lawn and garden, conserve water and reduce waste. 


Free Composting Workshops – LA Sanitation and Environment offers free composting workshops that teach residents how to turn kitchen scraps and yard trimmings into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. These workshops are taught by green waste specialists at eight different locations across the city of Los Angeles. 


Free Gardening Webinars – LA County Public Works offers free gardening webinars that focus on topics ranging from composting, water-wise gardening, organic gardening and small-space gardening.


Free Mulch – LA Sanitation and Environment is closing the loop by providing free quality mulch at multiple locations throughout Los Angeles. Just bring your own shovel and containers and load up as much mulch as you need. More information on how to obtain free mulch can be found here


Free Excess Yard Trimmings Collection – The City of LA offers the collection of excess yard trimmings once-a-year to all households serviced by LASAN. Please call LASAN’s Customer Care Center (800-773-2489) to schedule a collection. 


Free TreesCity Plants is a non-profit that has partnered with the City of Los Angeles to offer free shade trees to plant in your yard, on private property and in your parkway. Residents of the city of Los Angeles are eligible to receive these free trees. Don’t want to wait for the delivery of a tree? City Plants sponsors tree adoptions at community events monthly.


Free Classes About Gardening With Natives – The Theodore Payne Foundation offers a variety of classes on gardening with natives, some of which are free. Check them out here!


Free Garden Seeds – LA Sanitation and Environment offers free vegetable and flower seeds to city of Los Angeles residents, while supplies last. You can request your free seeds here.


Do you have any free gardening resources that you’d like to share? Send us an email at lastormwater@lacity.org and we’ll feature you on our social media channels.

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