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Creating a Summer-Sensational Home
Creating a Summer-Sensational Home Image

Summer is right around the corner. The kids are out of school, and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Get a jump on these home maintenance chores so that once the weather really heats up, you’ll be ready to kick back, enjoy your yard and garden during the long, lazy summer days to come and show off your summer-sensational home.

Got Mulch?

Now is the time to lay down mulch to protect your plants from the hot weather to come. Mulch helps plants retain moisture, suppress weeds and make your yard look more attractive. LA Sanitation provides free mulch to residents at one of 11 self-serve locations throughout the city, which are filled regularly Monday through Friday.

Turn that Peel Into Appeal

Have you been noticing any chipping or peeling of exterior paint on your home? Now’s the time to touch up that paint so that your home looks particularly spectacular when you host family and friends on the Fourth of July. And once you’re finished with that paint, don’t forget to dispose of it correctly by taking it to one of six LA Sanitation SAFE Centers. SAFE Centers accept leftover paint, unwanted pesticides and other household hazardous waste, free-of-charge.

Ready, Set, Cannon Ball!

Grab your pool noodles and get ready for some serious pool play this summer. But first, make sure your pool is clean and in good working order. If you do need to refill your pool, the City of Los Angeles allows for the periodic draining of private swimming pools and spas. Make sure you’re following these best practices for pools and spas when maintaining your pool and before discharging that pool water to the storm drain.

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bug You

It’s hard to find a downside to the drought-ending storms we had this past winter. But all that glorious rainwater can easily collect and turn into a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure you remove all standing water from your property including water in left in flower pots, old tires, and clogged rain gutters. To learn more about thwarting one of nature’s peskiest pests, visit the Greater Los Angeles Vector Control.

Give Your Rain Barrel the Summer Off

Now that we’re officially out of the rainy season, it’s time to give your rain barrel a well-deserved rest until the fall rains return. Be sure and use up the water in your rain barrel, give it a good cleaning, and inspect it for any cracks. For more rain barrel maintenance tips and rainwater harvesting tips, visit our rainwater harvesting web page.

How are you prepping your home to be summer sensational? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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