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A Sea of Educational Resources for World Oceans Day
A Sea of Educational Resources for World Oceans Day Image

Our oceans provide benefits to our health, economy, recreation, climate, and more. Clearly, we need our oceans and our oceans need our protection! In celebration of World Oceans Day on the 8th of June 2020, we invite you to dive deep into learning about the organisms and ecosystems in our oceans! The school year may be ending, but it’s never too late to learn about our oceans and the critters who call the sea their home. Below are some educational resources for children that we love:


Recommended for Grades: 3 – 8

Engage your children with interactive science experiments ranging from the life cycle of jellyfish to learning why boats float. This resource has daily live streams and accompanying activity guides with instructions.


Recommended for Grades: Varies by resource

Resources range from games, coloring pages, guided activities, free online courses, and live webcams of penguins to sea otters, all to help connect children with aquatic life and ecosystems. 


Recommended for Grades: K-12

OOI offers a live video from Axial Seamount, the most advanced underwater volcanic observatory in the world’s oceans! Also available are archives of previously recorded videos and online data investigations.


Sea lions playing in the sea


Recommended for Grades: K-8

If you’re looking for summer activities or structured lesson plans for your children, NOAA has a variety of topics from which to choose. Themes range from deep-sea corals to bioluminescence to ocean exploration. Each theme includes videos, essays, and worksheets. 


Recommended for Grades: Varies by the field trip

Take a journey around the world to discover a coastal ecosystem in Peru, the coral reefs of Palau, and more! Each field trip contains a video, teacher guide, and student activities.


Recommended for Grades: K-12

Familiarize your children with organisms in the ocean through this collection of webinars hosted by experts and the Observatory’s curriculum of mini-projects.


Recommended for Grades: 3-5

Learn about ocean conservation by diving deeper into the challenging lives of sea turtles.


In the spirit of ocean-themed puns, we hope you shorely enjoyed these resources! We whalecome you to share any additional resources with us at lastormwater@lacity.org.  And remember, you can make a difference to kelp protect our oceans!



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