• Approved a $500 Million General Obligation bond to be expended on projects that provide water quality benefits and have as their primary purpose the reduction of pollutant loads to the impaired waters of the City to meet water quality standards
  • Approved four general project categories



  • Approve criteria for selection of individual projects, list of projects, general scope of each project and overall program budget and schedule
  • Approve initial program
  1. Program and individual project budgets
  2. Specific scope of each project
  3. Master Schedule
  • Appoint nine members to the Citizen Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) with at least five of the nine having expertise and experience in clean water issues: Four members are to be appointed by the Mayor (two expert appointees) and five by the President of the Council (three expert appointees) and serve at the will of the appointing authority.
  • Appoint a five member Administrative Oversight Committee (AOC) to develop and review project criteria, and oversee and direct the program and the projects in order to comply with approved schedules and budgets
  • Delegate authority to the Administrative Oversight Committee to make the following adjustments and determinations: 
  1. Develop a Governance Structure for the program, consistent with the bond ordinance requirements
  2. Designate an LA Sanitation (LASAN) representative as the Project Planning Program Manager
  3. Designate a Bureau of Engineering (BOE) representative as the Project Implementation Program Manager
  4. Reductions and increases in individual project budgets as needed to complete the projects as long as the overall program budget is not exceeded
  5. Increases in the total program budget from net interest earnings generated from bond proceeds or from grants or donations.
  6. Approve program schedule and schedule modifications
  7. Transfer of funds between departments for project costs and staff reimbursements
  • Approve the following adjustments:
  1. Significant scope changes for individual projects requiring overall program budget adjustments
  2. Additions and deletions to the program based on availability of funds and feasibility 
  3. Staffing levels based on identified need and availability of funds
  • Review and approve the appropriation of funds for City personnel, personal services, contracts, expense and equipment related to the Bond Program
  • Review quarterly status reports from the LASAN Project Planning Program Manager
  • Review quarterly status reports from the BOE Project Implementation Program Manager


Composed of the City Administrative Officer (Chair), the Chief Legislative Analyst, a representative of the Mayor's Office, a Board of Public Works Commissioner and the General Manager from the Department of Water and Power.

Composed of nine total members with at least five of the nine having expertise and experience in clean water issues.  Mayor to appoint four members, including two expert appointees; President of the Council to appoint five members, including three expert appointees.  Members serve at the will of the appointing authority.