Watershed Actions

There are many ways for residents to get involved in cleaning up LA’s rivers, creeks, lakes and oceans. Getting involved can be as simple as remembering to always pick up after your dog or as involved as volunteering with a local non-profit to clean up a local waterway or beach. Here are just a few ideas of how you can help reduce the amount of pollution flowing through our local rivers and creeks to our beaches.
Harvest Rainwater 425x260
From installing rain barrels to creating a rain garden, harvesting rainwater will reduce your water bill and keep pollutants from flowing into local waterways.More about HARVEST RAINWATER
Volunteer Cleanup 425x260
Local non-profits conduct clean-ups of local beaches and waterways every month.More about VOLUNTEER TO CLEAN UP
Practice Good Housekeeping 425x260
As gardeners, auto do-it-yourselfers and dog owners, there are many simple actions that Angelenos can take to keep LA’s waterways clean.More about PRACTICE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING
request outreach 425x260
Are you part of a community organization that is planning a neighborhood or environmental event? Contact us for public outreach materials.More about REQUEST OUTREACH MATERIALS
The classroom is the perfect place to teach Los Angeles' students about the importance of keeping pollutants out of rivers, creeks and the ocean. Contact us for materials created just for L.A.'s schools.More about TEACH L.A.'S KIDS
Los Angeles is in the middle of a historic drought. Your pledge to conserve water will help to create a more sustainable L.A.More about PLEDGE TO CONSERVE WATER
Remembering to always pick up after your dog is a great way to keep LA's waterways clean. The City of Los Angeles has both canisters of dog waste bags and refills available to its residents.More about REQUEST FREE DOG WASTE BAGS
Every quarter we’ll send you an e-newsletter filled with interesting articles, information and contests focused on improving the quality of water in LA’s watersheds.More about SIGN-UP FOR OUR E-NEWSLETTER