Request Outreach Materials


The Watershed Protection Program has a variety of outreach materials available, and we have them in 12 different languages! The languages available are Chinese, Armenian, Hindi, Spanish, Farsi, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Khmer, Thai and Tagalog.

We have the following materials addressing many environmentally friendly practices:
Beat the drought tip cards, Best management practices: Automotive tip cards, Home gardening tip cards, Home maintenance tip cards, Pet owner tip cards, Rain barrel maintenance tip cards, and Rainy season tip cards.

Please click on the links below to select your outreach piece. All are high resolution PDFs.
Please send your request for those translated materials to:

Please also visit our Classroom Materials page and Teach L.A.'s Kids page for other useful outreach materials.


Booth in a Box
Are you planning an information fair, environmental festival, or neighborhood block party in your community? Would you like to have free City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program outreach materials to distribute? Our Booth in a Box program is a simple way to have vital environmental information available to folks attending your event.

Here’s How It Works We work with event organizers to develop a tailor-made assortment of outreach materials ranging from brochures and tip cards to posters and pens to coloring books and stickers to be distributed at the event. We’ll even throw in a tablecloth, literature holders and appropriate signage to give the booth a polished, professional look! In return for the free outreach materials, the event organizer identifies a volunteer to sit at the table and distribute the outreach materials to the event attendees. It’s a win-win. We get our outreach materials out to the public and you get important environmental information to people attending your event– all at no cost to the city or event organizers. Now that’s thinking "inside" the box!

Link to Booth in a Box request form