Tips for Restaurant Owners


Good housekeeping practices should always be on the menu at Los Angeles’ restaurants. Implementing safe, environmental practices and procedures in your restaurant is simple and easy. It’s also the law. Adopt these tips to keep Los Angeles’ neighborhoods and waterways healthy:

  • Keep your dumpster area clean and your dumpster’s lid closed. Never fill it with liquid waste or hose it out.

  • Clean floor mats, filters and garbage cans in a mop sink, wash rack or floor drain connected to the sewer through a grease trap. Never wash them in a parking lot, alley, sidewalk or street.

  • Use dry methods for spill cleanup (e.g. sweeping, absorbent materials). Never hose down spills.

  • Recycle grease and oil. Do not pour it into sinks, floor drains or onto a parking lot or street. Always keep grease bins covered and contained.

  • Pour wash water into a janitorial or mop sink. Do not pour it out onto a parking lot, alley, sidewalk or street.

A Food Service Establishment Permit Application may be filled out here.