Tips for Horse Owners


Annually the City of Los Angeles issues licenses to 1,500 horses, and collectively, those horses generate more than nine tons of manure every day. While horse manure may be considered natural and organic by some, when it washes into local creeks and rivers and flows into the ocean, its bacteria can cause health problems for swimmers and its fertilizing action can harm marine life.

Here are a few simple practices you can follow to assure a healthy environment for both your horses and our local waterways:

  • Collect manure and soiled horse bedding daily and store in sturdy units such as a garbage can.

  • Protect and cover manure storage areas from rainfall.

  • Donate composted material to local green-houses, nurseries and/or botanical gardens.

  • Transport manure to topsoil companies or composting centers.

  • Fertilize pastures, cropland and lawns with manure and soiled bedding.

  • Call the City of Los Angeles at 311 to arrange horse manure pickup. The City will charge a nominal monthly collection fee for a 30-gallon container.