Tips for Auto DIY

tipsforautodiy400x215When working on your car, it’s important to follow these environmental good housekeeping practices to keep your home, neighborhood and our local rivers, creeks and ocean free of pollutants:


  • Keep up car maintenance to reduce leakage of oil, antifreeze and other fluids.

  • Recycle your used oil, oil filters, old batteries and unwanted fluids at a Los Angeles SAFE Center.

  • When changing car fluids, use a drip pan to collect any spills. If a spill occurs, soak it up using an absorbent material such as kitty litter or sawdust and dispose of it properly.

  • When changing your oil, use a clean container for used oil - don’t mix oil with other fluids.

  • Wash your car with biodegradable soap using as little water as possible. Shut off the hose while washing your car and then rinse.

  • Keep a trash bag in the car. Never throw trash out of your car window.