Practice Good Housekeeping

Whether you are a resident or a business owner in Los Angeles, good housekeeping practices help keep our communities, our city and our coast clean. By adopting simple practices around your home and place of business, you can significantly reduce the pollution flowing into our local rivers, creeks, lakes and ocean.
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Implementing safe, environmental practices and procedures in your shop is simple and easy. It’s also the law. More about TIPS FOR AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESSES
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Implementing safe, environmental practices and procedures in your restaurant is simple and easy. It’s also the law.More about TIPS FOR RESTAURANT OWNERS
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It’s important to follow good housekeeping practices when you’re working on your car to keep your home, neighborhood and our local waterways healthy. More about TIPS FOR AUTO DIY
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When working on home improvement projects, adopt good housekeeping practices to keep your neighborhood and LA’s waterways healthy. More about TIPS FOR HOME OWNERS
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Believe it or not, leaves and grass can be harmful to marine life when you use your garden hose to wash them into the gutter. More about TIPS FOR GARDENERS
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By following simple pet practices, you can create a healthy environment in and around your home and neighborhood for your family.More about TIPS FOR PET OWNERS
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Annually the City of Los Angeles issues licenses to 1,500 horses. Collectively, those horses generate more than nine tons of manure every day. More about TIPS FOR HORSE OWNERS
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Water and harmful bacteria seeping from a failing septic system can pollute groundwater, local waterways and the ocean. More about TIPS FOR SEPTIC SYSTEM OWNERS
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The City of Los Angeles allows for the periodic draining of swimming pools, spas and fountains into the storm drain system or sanitary sewer, provided that certain good housekeeping practices are followed. More about TIPS FOR POOLS, SPAS, FOUNTAIN OWNERS
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Dumping waste water from recreational vehicles onto streets or into storm drains is illegal and harmful to public health and the environment. More about TIPS FOR RV OWNERS