Bradley Green Alley

Project Location
The Alley is located south west and parallel to Van Nuys Blvd, between Lehigh Ave., and Pala Ave in the Pacoima area (CD 7). The alley is approximately 800 ft long and 25 ft wide serving a drainage area of approximately 5 Acres as shown. There are two other segments of the Alley passing the Pala Ave (crossing the Ralston and Sutter Avenues). Those segments will be considered for retrofit in the next phase of this project.
Project Description
The Bradley Green Alley Project retrofits an alley that is approximately 800 feet long and 25 feet wide. The project will infiltrate approximately 2 million gallons of stormwater into the aquifer during an average rain year. Additional site amenities will include seating, a social stairs, shade trees, drought-tolerant landscaping, nature classroom, site lighting, informal play areas, fitness equipment, play equipment, picnic table, traffic calming rumble strips and mural art.
The Bradley Green Alley Project includes the construction of flow-through bio-swales on both sides of the alley, two dry wells located at either end of the alley and French drains installed at the bottom of the alley and across Bradley Avenue to capture the overflow from the project's bio-swales. The bioswales and dry wells capture, treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff and replenish the San Fernando Valley Groundwater Basin.
The Bradley Green Alley Project was completed in August 2020.
Project Benefits
The project’s water quality and community benefits include:
  • First designed shared street in the City of Los Angeles
  • Increases groundwater recharge of the San Fernando Valley Groundwater Basin
  • Reduces the amount of pollutants such as bacteria, trash, nutrients and metals entering the Los Angeles River
  • Mitigates localized flooding during rain events
  • Provides aesthetic enhancements to the neighborhood and Bradley Plaza
  • Assists the City of Los Angeles in meeting federal water quality standard
Project Cost

The cost for this project is estimated at $3,143,870. There are multiple sources of funding for the project: Water Keeper/Liberty Hill, NIF&CDBG, DWP, BOND (Excess CRA bond), and the California Natural Resources Agency.
Green Street - Bradley - Map
Green Street - Bradley - Map
            Bradley Green Alley Map
Green Street - Bradley - Before
Green Street - Bradley - Before
            Bradley Green Alley Before
Green Street - Bradley - After
Green Street - Bradley - After
            Bradley Green Alley After