Enhanced Watershed Management Program

Enhanced Watershed Management Plan (EWMP) is a document that will provide a road map for municipalities throughout Los Angeles to simultaneously comply with federal water quality mandates, improve the quality of our rivers, creeks and beaches, and address current and future regional water supply challenges.

These watershed plans will identify current and future multi-benefit projects that will capture, treat and use or infiltrate as much rain water as possible. "Our goal in developing Enhanced Watershed Management Plans for Los Angeles' watersheds is to develop plans that provide both water quality and water supply solutions," stated Traci Minamide, Chief Operating Officer for LA Sanitation. "It incorporates a lot of the work that has already been done in the area of water quality improvement, and in a focused effort, moves us to the next level of looking at all water as one water."

A watershed is all the water that falls across an area that ends up in one end point. Municipalities, non-governmental organizations and community stakeholders throughout the County of Los Angeles are working collaboratively to develop EWMPs for each of LA's five watersheds:

  • Ballona Creek
  • Dominguez Channel
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Santa Monica Bay
  • Upper Los Angeles River
The objectives of the Enhanced Watershed Management Plans are to:

  • Comply with water quality mandates
  • Improve the quality of our rivers, creeks and beaches
  • Address current and future regional water supply issues
Each of the five watersheds has a Watershed Management Group that meets on a regular basis. The goal of each Watershed Management Group is to develop an EWMP for their specific watershed.

The EWMPs will identify current and future multi-benefit projects that will improve water quality, promote water conservation, enhance recreational opportunities, manage flood risk, improve local aesthetics, and support public education opportunities in each of the five watersheds.

The following will also be included in each EWMP:

  • Water quality priorities
  • Watershed control measures
  • Reasonable assurance analysis
  • The scheduling of projects and the monitoring, assessment and adaptive management of projects
Ballona C Creek
The Ballona Creek Watershed covers approximately 130 square miles of the Los Angeles Basin. It is bounded by the Santa Monica Mountains to the north, the 110 Harbor Freeway to the east, and the Baldwin Hills to the south.More about BALLONA CREEK
Dominguez Channel
The Dominguez Channel Watershed stretches approximately 70,000 acres in the southern portion of the Los Angeles Basin. 43,400 acres of the watershed drains into the 15.7 mile long Dominguez Channel.More about DOMINGUEZ CHANNEL
LA River with Bridge
The Los Angeles River begins in western San Fernando Valley and flows through the central portion of the City and heads south to San Pedro Bay near Long Beach.More about LA RIVER
Marina del Ray
Efforts by LA Sanitation on the Marina del Rey watershed include conducting activities and implementing best management practices (BMPs) to help reduce pollutants from stormwater runoff from the watershed to the harbor.More about MARINA DEL REY
Santa Monica Bay
The Santa Monica Bay Watershed covers 385 square miles. It bounds the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains on the north and the Ventura-Los Angeles County line on the west to the Ballona Creek Watershed on the east.More about SANTA MONICA BAY
The Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program (CIMP) allows Watershed Protection Division's pollution assessment staff to conduct ongoing monitoring activities in Los Angeles creeks, rivers, lakes, and ocean.More about COORDINATED INTEGRATED MONITORING PROGRAM
Water quality monitoring
Extensive testing of wastewater from all treatment processes is provided at each water reclamation facility to ensure compliance with operating permits.More about WATER QUALITY