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Until now, nearly 80,000 businesses and multifamily buildings have received waste collection services from unregulated private haulers, but most are not provided with the same recycling services single family homes enjoy. recycLA is now making recycling available to everyone!

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The program divides the City into eleven zones. All commercial and industrial businesses in the City of Los Angeles, as well as large multifamily buildings, will be served exclusively by one waste collection company, also known as a franchise service provider (FSP). This will result in fewer trucks congesting our neighborhoods and less wear and tear on our streets. The FSPs will also be required to use only clean-fuel burning trucks, which will help to improve our air quality.

recycLA offers an expansion of standard services designed to best fit the overall needs of business and large multifamily customers. Many of these services have not previously been provided to these customers, such as blue bins for recycling, new trash bins, the regular maintenance and replacement of bins, graffiti removal, new clean-fuel state-of-the-art waste collection vehicles, and organics recycling.

If you have questions about recycLA, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489.



The FSPs will provide efficient collection and processing of solid resources to all commercial, industrial, and large multifamily customers located inside the City of Los Angeles, including but not limited to:

  • Retail establishments
  • Entertainment venues
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Transportation services
  • Wholesale operations
  • Manufacturing establishments
  • Industrial facilities
  • Multi-family dwellings (apartments), that are not serviced by LASAN
There are six subzones, and one of these subzones transitions into recycLA each month. A City notification letter is sent and then a scheduled customer site visit (waste assessment) is conducted. Service and billing start shortly thereafter. Customers who have not received a site visit or waste assessment will be auto-enrolled at their current collection levels with recycling added, and the billing will begin shortly thereafter.

SERVICE MAPrecycLA Service Map

Use this interactive map to determine which subzone you are in and when you will transition to reycLA. 

For a map and list of Customer Service offices and hours for each recycLA service provider, use this link.


WASTE ASSESSMENTWaste Assessment Rep

Your recycLA service provider will conduct a waste assessment of your property and work with you to determine your optimal level of service for the lowest possible cost. The waste assessment is a thorough walk-through of your property to determine current levels of service, opportunities for recycling, and right-sizing your bins, which means determining the appropriate bin size for your needs as well as selecting the appropriate frequency of service. Waste assessments are scheduled in advance, but if you cannot be reached to schedule, your recycLA service provider will attempt to conduct a waste assessment in your absence in order to optimize efficiency. You can request a waste assessment online.