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Rate Calculator

LA Sanitation

Bin Size Cost Calculator

This tool provides a quick estimate on monthly service charge. I understand that it has limitations and provides only an estimate. My recycLA Service Provider shall conduct waste assessment to right-size my containers, schedule collection, and provide the most accurate and up-to-date pricing (2019‑01)

Bin Size Cost Calculator

Provides a quick estimate on monthly service charge

Contact your recycLA Service Provider for additional services/fees, scheduling, and up-to-date pricing (2019‑01)

2019 rates and fees for recycLA services are subject to final rate adjustments in accordance with contract requirements. For more information, go to recycLA.com

A. Basic Service

Black containers, plus Blue containers with the same collection frequency

Primary Black:
Additional Black:
Blue (Included):

B. Extra Collection for Blue Containers

If you want more frequent Blue container collection than what Basic Service provides

Extra Blue:

C. Green Container Service

For food waste and green waste

Primary Green:
Additional Green:

D. Extra Services

Assuming all containers are in close proximity

1. Secured building, locked gates
2. Distance to containers

Estimated monthly payment:

Collection Services Size Collections Sun Rate   Qty   Price
  Primary Black   /wk $     $
  Additional Black   /wk $ × $
  Blue (Included)   /wk     $ -
  Extra Collection for Blue   /wk $ | $
  Primary Green   /wk $     $
  Additional Green   /wk $ × $
Extra Services                  
  Secured bldg., locked gates Rate Collections   Weeks/month       Price
    $ × /wk ×     $
  Distance to containers Rate Containers   Weeks/month       Price
    $ × /wk ×     $