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Bin Size Cost Calculator

This tool provides a quick estimate on monthly service charge. I understand that it has limitations and provides only an estimate. My recycLA Service Provider shall conduct waste assessment to right-size my containers, schedule collection, and provide the most accurate and up-to-date pricing

Bin Size Cost Calculator

Provides a quick estimate on monthly service charge

Contact your recycLA Service Provider for additional services/fees, scheduling, and pricing (????)

A. Basic Service

Black containers, plus Blue containers with the same collection frequency

Primary Black:
Additional Black:
Blue (Included):

B. Extra Collection for Blue Containers

If you want more frequent Blue container collection than what Basic Service provides

Extra Blue:

C. Green Container Service

For food waste and green waste

Primary Green:
Additional Green:

D. Extra Services

Assuming all containers are in close proximity

1. Secured building, locked gates
2. Distance to containers

Estimated monthly payment:

Collection Services Size Collections Sun Rate   Qty   Price
  Primary Black   /wk $     $
  Additional Black   /wk $ × $
  Blue (Included)   /wk     $ -
  Extra Collection for Blue   /wk $ | $
  Primary Green   /wk $     $
  Additional Green   /wk $ × $
Extra Services                  
  Secured bldg., locked gates Rate Collections   Weeks/month       Price
    (No charge for Blue) $ × /wk ×     $
  Distance to containers Rate Containers   Weeks/month       Price
    (No charge for Blue) $ × /wk ×     $