recycLA Stars

The City of Los Angeles has launched an exciting and historic public/private partnership that ensures customer-friendly and efficient waste and recycling services to all businesses and apartment buildings in the City, while serving our customers with clean fuel trucks and more efficient pick-up routes.

This innovative program, called “recycLA” is part of the City’s commitment to enhance the quality of life in Los Angeles while meeting a state mandate to reduce landfill waste. This program will improve the air that we breathe, the roads that we travel and the overall cleanliness of Los Angeles.

Who are recycLA stars?

recycLA Stars are business and apartment owners who embrace recycLA’s recycling, landfill diversion, and food rescue opportunities, investing in new business practices and taking action to achieve the highest levels of recycling.

recycLA Stars are working with their tenants, employees and customers to provide information about how recycling improves health and quality of life in our neighborhoods, by demonstrating the efficient ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. recycLA Stars are actively engaged in food recovery, changes in materials sourcing, composting and making other contributions to landfill diversion.

How are recycLA stars nominated and awarded?

  1. Contact your recycLA Service Provider (RSP) to recommend your business or apartment building.
  2. LA Sanitation (LASAN) and the appropriate RSP will determine what level of recycLA Star the nominated business or apartment building qualifies for – Green, Silver, Gold or Platinum.
  3. recycLA Stars will be awarded a decal for a storefront window and a certificate from the City of Los Angeles, identifying which level of recycLA Star is achieved -- Green, Silver, Gold or Platinum.
  4. recycLA Stars will be featured on the LASAN’s recycLA website and highlighted at events and presentations, to ensure that people throughout Los Angeles recognize recycLA Star achievements.
For more information, please contact: 213-978-0333.