recycLA Facility Certification Program
Facility Processing Floor Photo
The Facility Certification Program (FCP), one of the cornerstones of recycLA, is a program to ensure that facilities that accept solid resources collected through the recycLA program are aligned with and meet the goals of the City. These goals include, but are not limited to, focus on protecting worker safety, public health, and the environment; ensuring safe and proper operations; and optimizing material handling and processing to divert solid waste materials from landfills. This will support the City’s goal of diverting 1,000,000 tons of solid waste annually from landfills. Click here for FCP plan.

Participation in the FCP is voluntary; however, participation is required for any facility that wishes to handle recycLA material. Certified facilities are required to allow inspection by LASAN recycLA staff on a regular basis. Additionally, certified facilities are required to meet the requirements in the FCP, Terms and Conditions, waste characterization requirements from the Waste Composition Study Guidelines, and reporting requirements.

Facilities seeking certification, must begin by submitting an application for LASAN’s review and approval. Please download and complete this form and email it with supporting documentation to: recycla@lacity.org. Only facilities that are fully operational will be considered for certification. Facilities must comply with the recycLA Facility Certification Terms and Conditions and the approved Facility Certification Plan. To see the Terms and Conditions, click here.

For the list of recycLA Certified Facilities, click here.

It is the intent of the Facility Certification Program to provide communities with transparency. LASAN will initiate an inspection participation program where community members may observe inspections, discuss issues with inspectors from the Program and provide input. For more information on this program please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding recycLA’s Facility Certification Program, you can reach the recycLA team at recycLA@LACity.org or call 213-485-3900