Community Involvement

Community Inspection Participation Program
Protocol Guidelines


It is the intent of the Facility Certification Program to provide communities with transparency. LASAN has developed a program where community members may observe inspections, discuss issues with recycLA facility inspectors and provide input.

Participation in the Community Inspection Participation Program allows community members accompany recycLA facility inspectors during facility walkthroughs; community members must agree with facility’s and LASAN’s Facility Certification Program guidelines for public participation which are detailed below.

LASAN is pleased that you are interested in participating in the Facility Certification Program. We aim to offer you an experience that is informational, as well as meaningful. Here are the guidelines to the Public Participation Program.
  • REQUEST SUBMITTAL Community members interested in participating in the Facility Inspection Program must complete a request form online. Interested community members may apply, using this easy online form. You are also required to submit a Waiver and General Release using this form.
  • REQUEST FORM APPROVAL AND PROCESSING  Community member should apply at least one month in advance of the proposed inspection date so scheduling can be accommodated. LASAN will make every effort to process applications in a timely manner; the requestor will be contacted by a member of the recycLA staff once the application has been processed.
  • Community members MUST BE a member of a social and environmental justice organization.
  • It is the intent of the LASAN to accommodate all requests; however, submitting a request does not guarantee approval for accompanying LASAN staff on an inspection. LASAN may limit requests. 
  • All information provided to LASAN will be made available to facility which the requestor has requested to visit.
  • The Certified Facility has final approval for all requested site visits by community members.
  • Access to areas of a facility maybe limited due to operational, safety or proprietary concerns, as determined by the facility operator.
  • Photography, recording or videotaping may be limited by the facility operator.
  • INTERVIEW The recycLA Facility Certification Section may conduct a phone interview as part of your request review to ensure a complete understanding of the participation requirements.
  • AGREEMENT/WAIVER The Facility Certification Program is voluntary program with facilities handling recycLA material agreeing to participate in it. As such, LASAN is working with facilities to allow community members to be involved. Participants in the Inspection Program must read, agree, and follow all City and facility rules and guidelines as well as applicable local, state and federal regulatory requirements; complete the Request Form prior to visiting a facility and sign the Waiver and General Release. If the requestor does not agree to abide by the rules and guidelines, or sign the Waiver and General Release, the requesting process will not continue. Please note that facilities may have their own Waiver in addition to the City of Los Angeles Waiver and General Release which a requestor would also be required to sign prior to accompanying a City inspector on a facility inspection.
  • INSPECTION DENIAL/TERMINATION Any requestor may be denied participation without cause. An inspection may be terminated at any time. LASAN staff has the discretion to immediately deny or terminate the inspection at any time for any reason if the participant fails to comply with any of the required rules and guidelines contained herein, or any applicable local, state or federal regulatory requirement.
  • TRANSPORTATION Participant is to provide their transportation to and from the facility which will be participating in inspection.
  • MAXIMUM NUMBER OF INSPECTIONS  Organizations and participants may join facility inspectors on a monthly basis. The total number of participants on any one facility visit is limited to two (2) for any organization; two organizations may participate with one visitor per organization. The total number of participants on any inspection will be determined by LASAN and the facility. Separate applications are required for each participant, including those from the same organization.
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS  Participants must be able to climb and descend at least two flights of stairs without difficulty, stand on unstable ground, withstand mild odors, and not have any respiratory illness which could be aggravated by mild to excessive dust. Participants should be able to wear a safety vest, dust mask, protective eye wear, gloves, hard hat and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for 2 to 3 hours. A dust mask, goggles, and gloves will be provided, as deemed necessary.
  • SAFETY WEAR/PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) Facility inspection can sometimes be dangerous; however, if you follow the instructions of the inspector and facility personnel, along with any safety training you have received and wear the required PPE, you should have a safe inspection. As stated, you will be required to wear PPE required by the City and the facility; if you are not able, or choose not to wear the required PPE, you may not accompany the inspector. Participants are required to wear, at a minimum, safety vests, safety glasses, hard hats, and dust masks. They may also be asked to wear ear protection. LASAN recommends that the participant wear closed-toe shoes, slip resistant shoes or boots are recommended as well as steel or composite toe.
  • PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION Participants must have a valid state-issued identification card or driver’s license with them when reporting for their scheduled inspection. Participants may be issued a temporary visitor's badge and may be required to sign in before being admitted to a facility.
  • SAFETY INTRODUCTION Even though inspection work may seem routine, there is a constant element of safety risk, which can suddenly present itself without warning. Therefore, all safety guidelines and requirements, from both LASAN and the facility operator, must be adhered to at all times.
  • INSPECTION/COMMUNICATION You must stay with the inspection group and you will not be able to inspect other locations without the entire group, including the facility contact(s). All questions should be directed to the LASAN inspector or the designated facility contact. For safety concerns you will not be allowed to communicate with individual employees (unless the facility allows or with the express permission of facility management).
  • INSTRUCTIONS/LIMITED ENTRY/EMERGENCY Due to potential facility safety concerns, all participants will adhere to the directions and instructions of the inspector and facility management personnel. Access to areas of a facility maybe limited due to operational, safety or proprietary concerns, as determined by the facility operator.