Zero Waste at City Facilities & Events

On December 6, 2022, the Los Angeles City Council adopted Ordinance No. 187718, Zero Waste City Facilities and Events on City Property, relative to the reduction of single-use plastics at City of Los Angeles (City) facilities or permitted events.

Starting on January 23, 2023, City facilities, City-permitted events held on City property, and food or beverage providers operating on City property must be in compliance with the ordinance.

Under this ordinance, City facilities and City Contractors are required to comply with the City's zero waste policies. The ordinance bans many single-use items, including but not limited to expanded polystyrene foodware, non-compostable or non-recyclable food and beverage containers, disposable foodware accessories, and plastic bags, and requires reusable and recyclable items instead. Additionally, the ordinance mandates the recycling of food scraps and donation of surplus edible food, in accordance with health regulations, to food rescue organizations.

With landfill capacity being limited, the City of Los Angeles is committed to achieving its goal of zero waste disposed of in landfills by 2050. The City recognizes that it is a large consumer of goods and producer of waste, including from practices associated with the consumption of food or beverages and related foodware and foodware accessories. This ordinance will assist the City in reducing the production of solid waste during City-sponsored events and at City-owned facilities by lessening food waste, preventing the usage of non-recyclable foodware and other non-recyclable materials, and promoting the use of reusable and/or recyclable or compostable materials. Ultimately, the ordinance will reduce plastic pollution and divert organic waste from local landfills. By minimizing the City's contribution to solid waste streams, the ordinance supports the City's goal of achieving zero waste by 2050.

The requirements of this ordinance shall apply to all Contracts and amendments to Contracts entered on or after January 23, 2023.

All Contractors who enter into Contracts with the City shall include mandatory provisions specified in the Rules and Procedures in all contracts and subcontracts awarded for work to be performed under the Contract with the City.

The City will not “re-open” or renegotiate community events or catered event agreements and/or restaurant/retailer leases that were in effect prior to January 23, 2023. Such agreements and leases will be revised to incorporate zero waste provisions upon their expiration and/or extension.

The full ordinance text can be found here: Ordinance 187718

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Coming Soon!)

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