Pathways to Plastic Reduction

Pathway to Plastic Reduction Hero


Keynote Address

Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley, City of Los Angeles

Opening Remarks

9:20AM  Presentation
Los Angeles’ Path to Plastic Source Reduction
Paul Cobian, City of Los Angeles
Christine Batikian, City of Los Angeles

Current State of Recycling & Recycling Market

9:40AM  Discussion Panel
Moderator: Councilmember Tim McOsker, City of Los Angeles
Dr. Dan Domonoske, Potential Industries
Neil Edgar, California Compost Coalition
Anne Germain, National Waste & Recycling Association
Cody Marshall, The Recycling Partnership

Current State of Compostable Products

10:05AM  Presentation
How Compostable Products Drive Waste Reduction
Alex Truelove, BPI

10:20AM  Presentation
Compostable Servingware: The Waste Hauler’s Perspective
Jessica Aldridge, Athens Services
10:35AM  Panel Q/A
Facilitator: James Roska, City of Los Angeles

Plenary Address

Council President Paul Krekorian, City of Los Angeles

Responding to Plastic Pollution

11:30AM  Presentation
U.S. EPA Plastics and Environmental Justice Policy, Funding and Research
André Villaseñor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

11:45AM  Presentation
UCLA Zero Waste Program
Bonny Bentzin, UCLA

12:00PM  Panel Q & A
Facilitator: Michelle Barton, City of Los Angeles

Innovations in Waste Management

1:30PM  Presentation
The Path to More Recycled Plastic Content
Craig Cookson, American Chemistry Council

1:50PM  Presentation
Enabling Greater Plastics Circularity Through Innovation
Pete Keller, Republic Services

2:10PM  Panel Q & A
Facilitator: Dr. Rowena Romano, City of Los Angeles

Future of Circular Economy

2:45PM  Presentation
California’s Shifting Producer Responsibility Framework
Nick Lapis, Californians Against Waste

3:15PM  Presentation
You Matter: How We Lead Our Lives Makes a Difference
Sheila Morovati,

3:30PM Panel Q/A
Facilitator: Christine Batikian, City of Los Angeles

Closing Remarks

Barbara Romero, City of Los Angeles, Director and General Manager of LA Sanitation & Environment