Special Event Recycling Services

Recycling at special events diverts wastes from landfills, reduces pollution, conserves energy and natural resources, and boosts the manufacture of products from recycled materials.

The Special Events Recycling Program (SERP) collects cardboard, paper, and containers made from glass, aluminum, plastic, and steel (GAPS) from more than 250 special events held within the City of Los Angeles each year.

The Program provides recycling services to events such as marathons, street fairs, cultural festivals and charity walks.

If you would like recycling services at your upcoming event, please call the SERP for more information.

Bladimir Campos 
Community Services Group, Special Events 
(213) 840-6392
Monday - Friday 
9:00am - 5:00pm
These four action steps should be incorporated into each special event:

  • Minimize flyers, posters and brochures
  • Avoid excessive packaging
  • Purchase supplies in bulk
  • Avoid plastic bags and Styrofoam®

  • Use durable/reusable tableware
  • Use non-disposables: cloth bags, cloth napkins, etc.
  • Reuse banners, displays, and other promotional materials
  • Reuse containers, including pallets

  • Make recycling as convenient as possible
  • Provide clearly-marked recycling containers
  • Use materials which can be easily replaced

  • Purchase goods made with postconsumer content
  • Educate and encourage your suppliers and contractors to purchase goods with recycled contents