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Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge

From March to May 2021, we will be sharing helpful recycling tips and regularly measuring recycling levels to determine which neighborhood in South LA neighborhood has the best recycling skills.  We’ve created teams based on our collections routes, and the team with the biggest improvement will win access to a free essentials pantry for all registered participants to enjoy. Throughout the challenge, you’ll be able to view each team’s progress. 

The essentials pantry will be stocked with household essentials such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper products, etc. Each registered household on the winning team may send one person into the pantry to shop for free! The date, time, and location of the pantry will be shared upon completion of the challenge and we will take care to.
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If you’d like to participate, you must sign up by Wednesday, March 31. When you register, make sure you write down your team number so you can track your team’s progress.
Contest rules and regulations are at the bottom of this page for download.

Quick Recycling Tips
  • Ensure that all materials placed in the blue bin are clean and dry
  • Anything smaller than the size of a tennis ball likely won’t be recycled because it is small enough to fall through the recycling equipment
  • Wires, cords, and string cannot be recycled because they get tangled in the recycling equipment
  • Place an extra waste basket in the bathroom for recyclable materials such as toilet paper rolls, empty shampoo bottles, etc.
  • Household hazardous waste should be taken to a SAFE Center for proper disposal

Recycling Education Flyers
Changing habits requires reminders. We suggest hanging these on your refrigerator or back door as a reminder of what can and cannot go in your blue bin.  If you have questions about any particular object, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489.

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