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Disposable Foodware Accessories
The new Disposable Foodware Accessories on Request Ordinance (187030) goes into effect on November 15, 2021, and food and beverage facilities that utilize third party ordering platforms in Los Angeles and that have more than 26 employees will be subject to compliance.

Under this ordinance, food or beverage facilities may provide disposable foodware accessories and condiment packets to a dine-in or take-out customer ONLY if the customer requests them. Food or beverage facilities may not automatically provide disposable foodware accessories to drive-through or delivery customers, but may ask those customers if they want one.

Food and beverage facilities with an Online Ordering Platform or using a Third-party Food Delivery Service with an Online Ordering Platform, and a Third-party Food Delivery Service with an Online Ordering Platform must identify the available disposable foodware Accessories from the Food or Beverage Facility that customers may request in an Online Order, include an “opt-in” option for a customer placing an online order to request disposable foodware accessories with their order, and not provide disposable foodware accessories to any customer who does not “opt-in” to receive disposable foodware accessories with their order.

All other food or beverage facilities in Los Angeles must comply with the requirements of the ordinance by April 22, 2022.

Licensed Health Facilities, and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly as defined in Sections 1250 and 1569.2 of the California Health and Safety Code, are exempt from the requirements of this ordinance.

Reason for the Ordinance
Approximately 40 billion disposable plastic utensils, along with millions (maybe billions) of other foodware accessories, are disposed of every year in the United States, sometimes without being used. What a waste! Because of their small size, and the materials that they are made of, these items are difficult or not economically feasible to recycle. Many of these items are also littered, contributing to visual blight on our city streets and posing threats to both land and marine wildlife.

The City of Los Angeles has built upon its Straws-on-Request Ordinance, and has adopted the Foodware Accessories on-Request Ordinance. This ordinance seeks to encourage everyone to reduce their use of single-use foodware accessories such as, utensils, condiments, and napkins.

A link to the Foodware Accessories-on-Request Ordinance can be found here.

Alternatives to Disposable Foodware Accessories
There are reusable alternatives to disposable foodware accessories. Customers can purchase reusable travel size utensil kits. Customers can apply condiments in the restaurant.

Restaurants may wish to invest in reusable dishware, cups, utensils, cloth napkins and other reusable foodware accessories for all dine-in customers, and the equipment needed to clean these items.

We held two informational webinars in October to help businesses understand the details of the ordinance. Please click here to view the presentation. 

The last webinar will be held on Monday, November 8 at 2pm. Please click here to register.

Complaint-based enforcement begins on May 15, 2022.

If you encounter a food/beverage facility that is violating the Los Angeles Foodware Accessories on Request Ordinance, please notify LA Sanitation and Environment by calling our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 800-773-2489 or contacting our Citywide Recycling team at 213-485-2260 or

More Information
The downloadable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document offers more details about the ordinance. See link below.

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LASAN staff is also available to answer any questions and give presentations. Contact our Solid Resources Citywide Recycling Division (SRCRD) directly by calling 213-485-2260 or emailing