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Move In/Move Out

LA Sanitation (LASAN) residents who recently moved in or out of their residence may receive special accommodations for the extra refuse generated when moving.


To schedule these items for collection, please call the LASAN Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 at least one day before your regular collection day. Move In/Move Out items are collected on your regular collection day. Please have the quantity or number of bags, boxes and/or bundles ready when calling or submitting your request.


You may also send your Move In/Move Out Service Request by clicking on the Service Request Form to the right. Please complete the entire Service Request Form and click the Submit button.

This Move In/Move Out feature shall address all boxes or bags filled with rubbish, as well as any additional cardboard or packing materials.


Please note:


  • Boxes or bags must be kept away from any water or moisture.
  • Full boxes must be tied closed and have MAXIMUM dimensions of 2’X3’.
  • Full boxes or bags must be no heavier than 30 pounds each.
  • Flattened boxes must be be tied together in bundles and have MAXIMUM dimensions of 2’X3’.
  • Flattened bundles of boxes must weigh no more than 30 pounds each.
  • All cardboard must be flattened.

Moving Boxes Image