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Private Development Services 

LASAN Development Services Clearances

Welcome to LASAN’s Private Development Services permit clearance resource page. Here you will find a quick link to each LASAN Development Service division. The divisions represented on this page have clearances that are necessary prior to finalization of the LADBS building Permit and/or the Certificate of Occupancy.

Please reference the project specific LADBS issued “Clearance Summary Worksheet” to understand which LASAN division to contact to obtain a sign off. Once all LASAN related clearances have been obtained from the necessary LASAN division, please follow up with the LADBS plan checker or inspector to finalize the LADBS permit.

Below are the LASAN permit clearances and information on how to obtain those sign offs.

Low Impact Development (LID)

For LADBS permit application clearances related to: “Obtain plan approval for development with more than 500 SF of impervious area.” 

Submit plan check documentation for review at the LID Plan Check Portal

Visit the Low Impact Development/LID for additional program information.

Contact: with any questions.

Food Service Establishment (FOG)

For LADBS permit application clearances related to: “Obtain Industrial Waste Mgmt. Div. clearance for Food Service Establishment.”

Call 323-342-6118 or 323-342-6200 or email for appointment to obtain a sign off.

Visit Fats, Oil and Grease Control for additional program information.

Waste Hauler Permit

For LADBS permit application clearances related to: “Waste Hauler Permit #.”

Visit Solid Resources Hauler and Facilities Portal to see a list of approved City of Los Angeles waste haulers or to apply to become a waste hauler.

Visit Waste Hauler Permit Program for additional program information.