Sewers and Pumping Plants

The City operates more than 6,700 miles of public sewers that convey about 400 million gallons per day (MGD) of flow from residences and businesses to the City's four wastewater treatment and water reclamation plants. More information on how the City manages its vast sewer system may be obtained here in the Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

The City's wastewater system - sewers and treatment plants - operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve the needs of more than four million customers in Los Angeles, plus 29 contracting cities and agencies. There are ongoing construction projects to ensure service remains available to all of the residents in the City of Los Angeles.
Sewers - CCI Projects
LA Sanitation is always improving and working to insure our sewer system is up to date and fulfilling the needs of the City. In order to maintain the system we must consistently be investing in construction and improvement projects.More about SEWER PROJECTS
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There are many things each resident can do to prevent the occurrence of slowing down the sewer system. This starts with how each of us takes care of our own sewer system.More about SEWER HAZARDS
The City of Los Angeles (LASAN) is offering two sewer lateral rebates on a first-come, first-serve basis, until annual allocated funds are exhausted, to rate paying property owners who own residential, multifamily, commercial, and industrial property, and who pay sewer service charge to the City of Los Angeles.More about SEWER REPAIR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
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Maintenance crews regularly clean the sewers to prevent spills. They also respond to emergencies when a sewer blockage occurs. The number of spills in the City has significantly decreased over the last five years as a result of these efforts.More about SPILLS AND BACKWATER VALVES
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Sometimes due to the capacity of a pipe or a change in elevation it is possible for an odor to escape a pipe. LA Sanitation takes this very seriously and has many techniques to combat these unusual occurrences.More about SEWER ODOR
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The State of California requires publicly owned sanitary sewer systems to have a written Sewer System Management Plan that includes measures to control and mitigate sewer spills, and the plan must be made available to the public.More about SEWER SYSTEM MANAGEMENT PLAN
How We build an maintain the sewer system
There are a variety of challenges to maintaining a large sewer system that serves over four million people. LA Sanitation has cutting edge techniques and strategies  that are employed in the building and maintaining of the system and the delivery of service.More about HOW WE BUILD AND MAINTAIN THE SEWER SYSTEM
Sewers FAQ
Still have questions? We have outlined some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from residents along with their answers.More about FAQs