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Sewer System Management Plan

The State of California requires all publicly owned sanitary sewer systems to have a written Sewer System Management Plan. These plans include measures to control and mitigate sewer spills and must be made available to the public.


The City has prepared one Sewer System Management Plan for each of the three sanitary sewer systems it operates. You can access the most current plans by clicking on the links below:


Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant Sanitary Sewer System


Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant Sanitary Sewer System


City of Los Angeles Regional Sanitary Sewer System


The City reviews and updates these plans periodically to check for continued compliance with the State's requirements and effectiveness in addressing spills. The above plans were updated in February 2017 following a biennial internal audit pursuant to the State requirements. The audit report is available through the following link.