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Construction and Capital Improvement Projects

The Department of Public Works manages over 100 sewer design and construction projects throughout Los Angeles every year. These improvements are being built so that we can continue to provide you, our customers, with reliable service. 
Sometimes this work goes unnoticed because it often takes place underground. But occasionally, work must be done in streets or alleys near homes or businesses. The City takes care to reduce noise, dust, traffic and any other potential construction nuisance to a minimum. We also meet with and mail updates to neighbors before and during construction to get input and give progress reports.

Below is information on some of our current construction projects.



  • Construction will generally take place Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm. Exceptions are noted below for individual projects.
  • Weather or other circumstances could shift the work schedule.
  • Neighbors will be informed as conditions warrant. In order to minimize disruption in the streets, most of the construction work at each location will be completed in about 5-10 business days.
  • Trucks and other equipment will be used during construction, and you may see open trenches, pipes, piles of excavated dirt, and debris.
  • Dust control will be provided in all project areas.
  • Enclosures or other barriers will be used in construction areas wherever necessary for public safety.
  • Flaggers will be used where traffic is impacted. Traffic will be restored to normal when construction has been completed at the end of each workday.
  • Trash pickup, deliveries, access to businesses, and access to residential driveways will be maintained.
  • Parking may be temporarily restricted in some areas, and signs will be posted in advance telling you where and when.
  • You will be notified 24-48 hours in advance whenever sewer services may be temporarily interrupted.

Arlington Avenue & Jefferson Boulevard Diversion Sewer Project

This project is in South Los Angeles.

N07 Broadway and Pico Boulevard

This project is in the Central Los Angeles area.

Z18A Century Boulevard & Main Street 

This project is in South Los Angeles.

Chandler Boulevard & Lankershim Boulevard Area Sewer Improvement

This project is in Greater Valley Glen area.


P08 Daly Street & Avenue 26

This project is in Arroyo Seco area.

Z18B Imperial Highway & Avalon Boulevard

This project is in the Harbor Gateway South area.

Jefferson Boulevard Budlong to Gramercy Prim Sewer Rehabilitation

This project is in South Los Angeles area.

Martin Luther King and Rodeo Road Carbon Scrubber Facility Upgrade 

This project is in South Los Angeles.

Normandie Sewer Rehabilitation Project 

This project is in South Los Angeles.

Slauson Compton Sewer Rehabilitation Project 

N14 Temple Street and Glendale Boulevard

This project is in the Greater Echo Park Elysian area. 


North Outfall Sewer Unit 3 - Vermont Avenue to Trinity Street 

This project is in South Los Angeles area.

S13 Vernon Avenue and Budlong Ave 

This project is in the South Los Angeles area. 


 Wilshire Area Olympic Sewer Rehabilitation 

This project is in East Los Angeles area.