Hyperion 2035

Hyperion 2035 is LASAN’s vision for recycling 100% of the water flowing through HWRP by 2035. The project is a major component of meeting the City’s water sustainability goals as described in the City’s Green New Deal. Under this program, HWRP will be transformed by producing up to 170 MGD of recycled water for potable use. The current secondary wastewater treatment process will be replaced with membrane bioreactors followed by reverse osmosis and UV-advanced oxidation. Additional treatment processes for excess wet weather flows, which can reach the plant during storm events, will also be implemented as part of the transformation. Under Hyperion 2035, the City will enjoy a reliable and sustainable source of water that will benefit all Angelinos by helping protect the City from droughts and contributing towards a climate resilient water supply.
Project partners: LADWP
Project cost: ~$3-3.5 billion
Target completion date: December 2035
Status as of Aug 2020: Conceptual planning