Recycled Water

LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN) is the City’s premier producer of recycled water. LASAN’s four water reclamation plants currently provide recycled water for a range of beneficial uses, including: potable reuse, saltwater intrusion barriers to protect our groundwater aquifers, environmental uses, and urban irrigation for parks, median strips, and athletic fields.

As stated by Mayor Garcetti in 2019 in LA’s Green New Deal, the goal for Los Angeles is to reduce our dependence on imported water by increasing sustainable and environmental-friendly local water supplies. LASAN supports this goal by planning for 100% water recycling at the City’s four water reclamation plants by 2035. This will provide a new, local source of safe and reliable water for the benefit of all Angelinos.

Transforming Los Angeles to 100% water recycling is a major paradigm shift, but necessary for our future water supply reliability and resilience. LASAN is working on several water recycling projects in support of this major change. 

Please click the links below to learn more about each plant and its recycled water projects.

Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant (HWRP)

HWRP is the City's largest wastewater treatment facility and represents LASAN’s largest source of recycled water that is used for both potable and non-potable purposes. Please click here to join Hyperion's mailing list!

Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant (DCTWRP)

DCTWRP provides recycled water to many users in the San Fernando Valley in addition to providing a future source of recycled water for potable reuse.

Los Angeles Glendale Water Reclamation Plant (LAGWRP)

LAGWRP serves the eastern San Fernando Valley communities. Co-owned by the City of Los Angeles and City of Glendale, it provides a source of recycled water for a range of projects.

Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant (TIWRP)

TIWRP provides highly purified recycled water to recharge the Dominguez Gap Saltwater Intrusion Barrier.

Recycled Water Fill Station - Open to the public!

LAGWRP offers free recycled water for approved uses. Click the link above to learn more.