The annual Pretreatment Program Compliance Report covers operations from January 1 through December 31 and is due on March 1 of each year. We are required to submit the report to the US EPA Pacific Southwest Region in order to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The report must contain, but not be limited to, the following information:

The report contains a summary of analytical results from a 24-hour composite sampling of the publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) influent and effluent. This is for pollutants the US EPA identifies as being discharged by nondomestic users. It will include an annual full priority pollutant scan, with quarterly samples analyzed only for those pollutants detected in the full scan. The report also contains influent and effluent data for non-priority pollutants that we believe may be contributing to interference.

Additionally we will discuss all upset, interference, and pass through incidents at the treatment plant that may have been caused by nondomestic users of the POTW system. This will explain why the incidents occurred, how the incident was correct, and if known the name and address of the responsible nondomestic user. The discussion shall also include a review of the applicable pollutant limitations to determine whether any additional limitations, or changes to existing requirements, are necessary.

The report will also include an updated list of the City’s significant industrial users (SIUs) including their names and addresses, and a list of deletions, additions and SIU name changes keyed to the previously submitted list. The list will identify the SIUs subject to federal categorical standards and specify which set(s) of standards apply to each SIU, and the list will indicate which SIUs are subject to local limitations.

The report includes a description of programs the POTW implements to reduce pollutants from nondomestic users that are not classified as SIUs. We also discuss any significant changes made this year in the operation of the pretreatment program. These include changes in the administrative structure, local limits, monitoring programs, monitoring frequency, legal authority, enforcement policy, funding levels, or staffing levels. The report summarizes the annual pretreatment budget and summarizes any activities done to inform the public of the program.

We have provided the pdf of the 2014 Pretreatment Program Compliance Report, Volumes 1 and 3. They are available here as downloadable files.

The 2015 Pretreatment Compliance Report is in the process of being compiled for the March 1st deadline. It will be available next year.