Septage Truck


Residences and commercial facilities that are not connected to the City sewer discharge their wastewater into cesspools, septic tanks, portable toilets or other holding devices. The accumulated liquid is known as "septage." They hire haulers to pump out their septage and discharge it into a disposal site designated by the City.

This program involves the regulation of the septage haulers through a permitting process, control of the quality and quantity of septage, and recovery of cost for treatment of septage and administering the program.

Septage manifests help to track information on truck count of accepted and rejected loads, total tank capacity, total actual volume reported, and relative percentage from sources inside and outside of the City.

LA Sanitation operates a disposal facility for septage hauler companies. The disposal facility accepts wastewater from portable toilets, septic tanks, cesspools and other sanitation holding devices from within Los Angeles County.

Discharges from recreational vehicles (RVs) are not accepted. RV owners must contact Los Angeles County or call 1-888-CLEAN LA (1-888-253-2652). A Septage Disposal Permit is required prior to disposal. 

Download the Septage Disposal Permit Application