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Venice Dual Force Main

The Department of Public Works will construct a new 54-inch diameter force main sewer line. The new force main will operate as a parallel system in conjunction with the existing 48-inch force main. The new force main is needed to avert a potential sewage spill that could occur from an overflow or failure of the existing 54-year-old force main.


The performance of the existing force main is of concern because:

  • The existing force main has been in continued service for over 50 years without any maintenance. To avoid a potential failure, redundancy is needed to allow for assessment of its condition and maintenance.
  • During severe wet weather, peak flows to the Venice Pumping Plant (VPP) have exceeded the capacity of the only existing force main conveying wastewater from the VPP to the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant (HWRP). Without additional capacity, there is a risk of an overflow of sewage into city streets and surface waters.
Landing shot of Venice Dual