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Environmental Review Documents

The City of Los Angeles will construct and operate a new two mile long, 54-inch diameter force main sewer. The new sewer will extend from the existing Venice Pumping Plant (VPP) at 140 Hurricane Street in the community of Venice to a junction structure on the coastal interceptor sewer in the community of Playa Del Rey on Vista Del Mar near Waterview Street. The new force main sewer will be used in tandem with the existing force main sewer to provide sewage conveyance capacity, pipeline redundancy, and the ability to assess and conduct maintenance activities on the existing line.


The Los Angeles City Council certified the Environmental Impact Report on January 12, 2010. A Notice of Determination was filed on January 14, 2010.


Venice, Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey Communities. Council District 11. Contact Dr. Jan Green Rebstock at (213) 485-5761 or by email PublicWorks.PublicAffairs@lacity.org for questions regarding the environmental review. The council file can be found at Council File 08-0504.

 All other Environmental Review Documents can be found here.

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