Timeline & Updates

The City will provide updates on the events and activities related to the TIRE project. Check back periodically to find out the project status and view photos.


The TIRE Project was first presented to TIWRP and LA Sanitation (LASAN) back in 2003 as an experimental project with the goal of beneficially reusing biosolids. Terminal Island was selected due to its location in an industrial area—the Los Angeles Harbor—and its ideal geology for deep-well injection. Three years later, the EPA granted TIRE a five-year Underground Injection Control Program Permit. The project began construction in 2007, with the first two wells operating in mid-2008.




The following table describes the major milestones in the TIRE Project thus far since 2006:


November 2006TIRE permit Issued
April 2007TIRE Groundbreaking Ceremony
June 2007TIRE construction began
July 2007First two injection wells are completed
July 2008 Injection equipment is tested with effluent and brine
August 2008Digested sludge is first injected
September 2008Dewatered Biosolids (wet cake) is injected
June 2009Phase III project milestones are completed
December 2010TIRE receives the National League of Cities Silver Award
January 2011TIRE begins collecting monthly air samples
July 2012Completed four years of biosolids injection operations
May 2011Monitoring Well #3 in operation
September 2011TIRE receives the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Award for Excellence in Innovation
December 2013EPA issues second operation permit
April 2014Drilled fourth injection well
July 2014Injected over 280 million gallons of bio-slurry material