Awards & Recognition

Since TIRE's inception in 2008, the Project and TIWRP have won various awards and grants from organizations and agencies, congratulating the innovations of this experimental project. In the future, the City hopes that the TIRE project will continue to be recognized as a progressive and environmentally safe project.



The following table describes the awards that TIRE has won over the past seven years:


National Association of Clean Water Agencies
National Environment Achievement Award for Public Information and Education

Department of EnergyTIRE Grant
Harvard Kennedy School Ash InstituteTop 50 Finalist in Innovations in American Government Award
Los Angeles Basin Section California Water Environment AssociationPlant of the Year
National League of CitiesMunicipal Excellence Award
California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA)Technical Innovation and Achievement Award
Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF)Excellence in Innovation Award
National Association of Clean Water AgenciesNational Environment Achievement Award for Research and Technology