SCWP Funded Projects

Explore LA Sanitation & Environment's projects that have been funded by Los Angeles County's Safe Clean Water Program. These multi-benefit projects will:

        • Reduce pollutants like trash, toxins, and bacteria from flowing into our local creeks,               rivers, lakes and beaches

        • Capture rainwater, which will increase groundwater supplies and provide water                       for millions of Angelenos

        • Create green space for our neighborhoods and habitat for wildlife

        • Assist the City of Los Angeles in meeting federal clean water mandates

For more information on Safe Clean Water Projects, please click on the project pages below. 
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The Regional Program is structured for the implementation of projects and program that will increase water supply, improve water quality, and provide community enhancements.

The Infrastructure Program provides funding for regional multi-benefit watershed-based projects. Not less than 85% of the Regional Program funds will be allocated for implementation of stormwater capture projects.

The Technical Resources Program is a part of the Regional Program provides resources to community groups, municipalities, and individuals who need technical assistance to develop their project concepts.

The Scientific Studies Program is part of the Regional Program to provide funding for activities such as scientific studies, technical studies, monitoring, and modeling.

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The Municipal Program is designed to maximize the ability of local governments to address local Stormwater and Urban Runoff challenges and opportunities.

Projects and Programs are required to include a water quality benefit; multi-benefit projects and nature-based solutions are strongly encouraged.

The Funding can be used for eligible activities such as project development, design, construction, effectiveness monitoring, operations and maintenance (including operation and maintenance of projects built to comply with 2012 MS4 permits), as well as for other programs and studies related to protecting and improving water quality in lakes, rivers and ocean.
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