Lincoln Park Neighborhood Green Street Network Project


Project Location

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood Green Street Network Project is located at Lincoln Park and includes its lake and the streets surrounding the park. Lincoln Park is located in the Los Angeles community of Lincoln Heights.

Project Description

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood Green Street Network Project is a multi-benefit project that improves Lincoln Park Lake and the park’s surrounding neighborhoods with the ultimate goal of improving water quality in the Los Angeles River.
The project includes a series of green street elements that capture and infiltrate stormwater and are placed throughout a 157-acre area. More than three miles of green streets throughout the Lincoln Heights neighborhood improve air quality and provide aesthetically appealing green spaces for residents to enjoy year-round. The project provides water supply benefits through groundwater recharge. The project mitigates flooding by using dry wells to remove surface water during rain events. Newly planted trees throughout the neighborhood provide shade, reducing the heat island effect and cooling the neighborhoods for pedestrians and residents engaging in active recreation.


Project Goals and Benefits

  • Provide water quality benefits by reducing pollutants in local stormwater runoff at Lincoln Park
  • Improve Lincoln Park Lake to provide aesthetically pleasing and vitally needed green space
  • Intercept and treat stormwater and dry weather runoff
  • Provide a healthy aquatic habitat for local wildlife while reducing algae growth and odorous-related issues
  • Repair the lake’s shoreline to address safety concerns
  • Provide educational opportunities for community members to learn about stormwater and water resources

Project Funding

The total budget for the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Green Street Network Project is $18.6 million. The County of Los Angeles Safe Clean Water Program funded the project.
If you’d like to receive additional information, please contact and place Lincoln Park Neighborhood Green Street Network Project in the subject line.
To learn more about the projects funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program, please visit LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program’s project map.