Lankershim Boulevard Green Infrastructure Corridor Project

Project Location

The Lankershim Boulevard Green Infrastructure Corridor Project is located in the Upper Los Angeles River watershed along a 1.5 mile stretch of Lankershim Boulevard between Tuxford Avenue and Sherman Way in the Sun Valley community.

Project Description

The Lankershim Boulevard Green Infrastructure Corridor Project provides water quality improvements and flood mitigation with the installation of dry wells, parkway planters and vegetated medians along a portion of Lankershim Boulevard. During a normal rainy season, this project creates a more walkable neighborhood, reduces the heat island effect in the community and has the potential to capture 36 million gallons of water annually,

Project Benefits

The project uses a combination of stormwater best management practices (or BMPs) and stormwater infrastructure. Underground dry wells will capture, treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff, new street trees will reduce the heat island effect and improve air quality, new vegetated median islands and new parkway planters will treat surface runoff, infiltrate rainwater and reduce peak flow during strong rain events. This new green infrastructure creates the following water quality, water supply and community benefits:

  • 52 underground dry well systems are integrated into the storm drain system
  • 85% of zinc from stormwater runoff is captured and removed
  • 57 stand-alone catch basins siphon stormwater off the street and direct it to the drywell systems to reduce flooding
  • 315 trees reduce the heat-island effect in the area, provide habitat for nesting birds and other species, and improve air quality
  • 232 parkway planters featuring California natives beautify the neighborhood while slowing the flow of stormwater
  • 15 vegetated medians provide canopy and green space

Project Funding

The total budget for the Lankershim Boulevard Green Infrastructure Corridor Project is $43 million. The project is funded by the County of Los Angeles Safe Clean Water Program.

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To learn more about the projects funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program, please visit LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program’s project map.