Reseda Blvd Alley Green Street Project


Project Location

The Reseda Blvd Alley Green Street Project is located in the Northridge neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles covered by Council District 12. The Project consists of improving the alley east of Reseda Boulevard from approximately Nordhoff St. to Eddy St.

Project Description

The Project, led by the City of Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment, is part of the Safe Clean Water Municipal Program. Proposed stormwater BMPs for the Project include about 8,000 square-feet (sf) of interlocking pavers for vehicular alleys, drywell, 4 trees and 875 sf of landscaping. The use of these BMPs will reduce runoff entering the municipal storm drain system, improve water quality by removing pollutants that would otherwise reach local water bodies, and increase biodiversity. The Project has a drainage area of 4.68 acres.

Project Goals and Benefits

The Project will:

  • Reduce stormwater pollution reaching the ocean.
  • Use nature-based solutions to treat stormwater.
  • Reduce trash reaching coastal beaches.
  • Plant vegetation and trees to remove CO2 to ameliorate climate change and providing shade to lessen the heat island effect.
  • Reduce weeds, trash and graffiti.
  • Offer educational opportunities for residents, businesses and schools.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program.

If you’d like to receive additional information, please contact and place “Reseda Blvd Alley Green Street Project” in the subject line.

To learn more about the projects funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program, please visit LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program’s project map.